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The International Singing Star Leo Fuld

Documentary, 1993, 65 min.

Portrait of 81-year-old singer-songwriter Leo Fuld. Fuld was well known internationally in his youth as an interpreter of Yiddish ballads. He made hundreds of LPs over the years among them his world hit 'Where can I go'. He performed with many renowned artists and for ten years was owner of Sahbra, an Israeli nightclub annex restaurant in New York. During World War II , the singer lost virtually all his family, a drama he is still unable to talk about with his one remaining sister and his cousins. After a long career, the
cosmopolitan Fuld settled in Amsterdam. In his simple Amsterdam flat, the aging singer is still hard at work devising ideas for songs and shows. He isn't lonely: 'I never get tired of my own company'.






Cinematographer - DoP


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