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De voorste linie

Short documentary, 2006, 56 min.

A Korean War veteran addresses a group of Dutch soldiers, but they pay more attention to their cell phones. If they listened more carefully, they might learn something about what awaits them in the Afghan province of Uruzgan, because the young combatants have been selected to go there on an international peace mission.
Over half a century ago, four thousand Dutch soldiers left for Korea to do 'something useful': fight communism. Former SS members, who claimed they had purely fought on the eastern front a few years before out of hatred against communism got a new chance from the Dutch army in the Korean War. They were not well liked by their brothers-in-arms, but 'boy, could they fight'.
Incorporating archive footage and conversations with former Korean War fighters, the film describes, from the Dutch soldier's perspective, this 'hell on earth' and the 'tough times' they went through in the Far East.





Cinematographer - DoP


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