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In goede aarde - Yesterday & Ganzen

Lang Televisie Drama, 2001, 100 min.

Two episodes from a five-part TV series focussing on current problematic developments connected with farming. In Yesterday, pig farmer Sander is advised by a financial advisor to invest a substantial sum in his farm. When the yield remains zero and the municipal policy is tightened up, he sees only one way to escape the stranglehold of the government cuts. In Ganzen (Geese), a low groundwater level causes a problem. The authorities approach farmer Jochem to buy him out. The groundwater level on a piece of land next to his farmland has to be raised to prevent a rare goose species from becoming extinct. However, the consequence is that Jochem's land will become useless. The farmer is around sixty years old and does not see any possibilities to start anew somewhere else.







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