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25 minuten

Lang Televisie Drama, 2000, 75 min.

Series of seven parodies, featuring Arjan Ederveen. The episode The making of Nina Brink is a portrait of the executive producer in musical land, Evert Jansen. He stages a typically Dutch musical about success, power, money and intrigue, featuring none other than Jasperina de Jong. In De Eugenie Groenhuyzen Show, Ederveen plays the psychologist Eugenie Groenhuyzen, presenting a business magazine for women, with refreshments and investment advice, from the World Trade Centre in Rotterdam. On this occasion, the fact that fewer and fewer married woman find satisfaction in marriage is also discussed. De Muze van Harry M. is a soap about Irreëla Fictie, an agency where writers can find inspiration. However, the Muse of all writers is unable to keep her work and private life separated.




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