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Het Nationale Ballet

Short documentary, 2002, 52 min.

The reality of The National Ballet is miles away from the fairy tale that the dancers and choreographers manage to put on stage. In his two-part film about this top dance group, director Roel van Dalen reveals the harsh and not very romantic reality. For many dancers, life with The National Ballet means working very hard, hoping for appreciation, fighting for a spot and then being disappointed. The thread through the film is the development of the production Cinderella; the selection of the cast - nerve-racking for both artistic director Wayne Eagling and the 82 dancers -; the design of the choreography - a nearly impossible task for the very tense Krzysztof Pastor - and the rehearsals of the dancers - including leaving solo dancer Gaëll Lambiotte. Without comment, everybody's moral and artistic dilemmas are exposed, which makes it clear how hard the struggle for recognition really is.





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