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Wende Snijders - De wereld beweegt

Short documentary, 2008, 54 min.

Singer Wende Snijders reveals a strong personality in a gruelling year in which she passionately looks for news ways to use her talents. After four triumphant years as a performer of French chansons, the blonde singer wants to take a different road, at any price. 'Otherwise, people will always see me as this statue of the French song. A statue is static.'
The first step in this development is writing a performance for Oerol, the annual theatre festival on the isle of Terschelling. She draws capacity crowds there. Next, Snijders travels to France to put together a new one-woman show with director Ruud Weissman. But Snijders is exhausted, shaken by her father's demise, and smokes too much. How an artist does her utmost to avoid repetition and tries to lay bare the full potential of her gift.




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