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I Soeni, de droom

Documentary, 2003, 78 min.

Reinard Dewus is a Sinti: candid, headstrong, inflexible, but also sensitive and sometimes even sentimental. And above all he is a singer, with a voice that that other great popular singer could be envious about. While his singing career seems to take a more professional turn - the head of a record company proves to be highly interested in the tearjerkers he sings in Romanes - director Carin Goeijers follows him closely. In the protective environment of the trailer camp, on a tour with his family, horse and trailer, and in his pursuit of a better school for his teenage daughter. The film demonstrates that, despite the fact that the caravans have shed their wheels a long time ago, the differences with `civilians' are very profound. For example, the daughter laconically accepts the fact that she may never go to school again. After all, she does not want to work in civilian society, anyway.






Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

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