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Een kus voor de eeuwigheid

Short documentary, 2002, 56 min.

Aboard the unmanned spacecraft Voyager, launched in 1977, is a gold-plated copper phonograph record containing a description of what mankind is. Or: what mankind used to be, because if the record is ever found by an intelligent life form, our son will have burnt up completely. The project was led by the visionary scientist Carl Sagan, who passed away in 1996. The record also contains a collection of sounds and images of people in all kinds of social situations, but not naked, nor a man and a woman together - both were censored by NASA on the insistence of conservative Americans. Nor are there any references to violence, war and death. But it does contain a salutation from a Nazi; the war record of then UN secretary-general Kurt Waldheim was still undisclosed at the time. In the film the project's participants are interviewed, including music journalist Tim Ferris, who had the task of selecting the music for the record - from Bach to Johnny B Goode.





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