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Licht - Light

Documentary, 2019, 90 min.

DEVELOPMENT. In the documentary Light, director Oeke Hoogendijk follows the process of creating the opera cycle for three years. From the financial discussions, the substantive decision moments, the auditions and the masters, to the rehearsals, the costume and set design and the production meetings, to the grand final chord; the performances. Through special archival material about the life and work of Stockhausen, she dives into the past simultaneously and goes in search of Stockhausen herself and what he wanted to tell with his music - and especially with Light.

Licht becomes an ode to the visionary 20th-century composer, an ode to experimental art and an ode to people who want to make dreams come true. But not without the inescapable knowledge that between laws and practical problems stand in the way of dream and deed. We witness with the camera a human attempt to make the impossible possible.




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