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Verloren band - de scheiding van mijn ouders

Short documentary, 2009, 52 min.

Journalist Frénk van der Linden is still struggling with his parents' early divorce. His mom and dad are aged now, but they have been refusing to see each other for forty years. Still, he wants to make a final attempt to bring them together to talk about the past. Mallant films Van der Linden in his parents' homes, where he has emotional conversations with them about their failed marriage. It is soon clear that this family from the Bulb Region met with a lot of misery - and that the now grown-up children often suffered the consequences. The parents still find it hard to bring back those painful memories. The family album, for example, has been under the mother's bed for all those years: 'I couldn't muster the courage to look at it.' Their individual problematic family relationships, the quarrels, life in those days and tragic events are discussed, larded with personal sound recordings, old family pictures and footage of the Bulb Region through the years. Frénk and his sister also visit their childhood home, 'where the cold war started.'






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