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TV7 - Betrapt

Series, 2002, 25 min.

Theatre group Mug Met de Gouden Tand, the creative brain behind the TV series Hertenkamp, also conceived TV7, a comical TV series in nine episodes about the ins and outs of the commercial TV station TV7. Once, this channel enjoyed golden years, but nowadays it tries to keep afloat by producing lousy programmes. In order to save TV7, manager Bert Lion, suffering from a midlife crisis, changes tack. Away with superficial and cheap entertainment. TV7 has to be restyled into a quality channel where celebrities boost the ratings. But the change of course causes great unrest on the work floor. In the series, fact and fiction blend. Real TV personalities play themselves and characters from the Hertenkamp series make regular guest appearances. In nBetrapt (Caught Redhanded), the first episode, the management team issues an ultimatum to the shareholders and Peter Jan Rens causes a scandal in TV land.






Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (11)

Sound mixer

Location sound recordist