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Hans van Mierlo, wat ik nog steeds te schrijven droom

Documentary, 2006, 69 min.

"It was sort of a flywheel you get going; I just couldn't go back", Hans van Mierlo explains in the film Wat ik nog steeds te schrijven droom about his political career, which started in 1966 when he and a group of allies founded the political party D66.
The policy based on sociopolitical blocks that had kept Holland standing for so long was no longer satisfactory and a much more direct democracy would have to take its place. "I was convinced that we had formulated such overriding ideas, I thought, this will take only a short time and then I'll go back to what I like: journalism, and well this has lasted for forty years now".
Wat ik nog steeds te schrijven droom is a film about an exceptional man in Dutch politics. He wanted to become an actor, drifted away from God at boarding school, lost his heart in France and possibly after forty years the struggle for political modernization. The film is an affectionate portrait of Hans van Mierlo full of melancholy and poetry and containing a message that after all those years apparently has not lost much of its topicality.



Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist