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Zwarte ogen - Black Eyes

Documentary, 2008, 97 min.

Over the years, filmmaker Jan Bosdriesz collected curious souvenirs from various countries that he cherishes. He wonders about their history. Among his favourite items are the Russian LPs by Pyotr Leschenko from the 1930s that he once inherited from his father. While Bosdriesz travels to Russia to learn more about the life of the singer whose music was forbidden in Soviet Russia, the turbulent history of the filmmaker's family is also addressed.
During his trip, Bosdriesz talks to people who knew Leschenko. The film gradually unravels Leschenko's life by means of interviews, concerts, archive footage and a search through archives. In the background, we hear Leschenko's often tango-like love songs. Back home, Bosdriesz talks to his half sisters and unearths stories about his mother and her two husbands by means of photographs and recollections. It turns out that the Bosdriesz history, too, abounds with rich, but tragic events.

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