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Piet Esser: verbeelden van het zien

Short documentary, 2009, 53 min.

This documentary about sculptor Piet Esser starts with the private footage his granddaughter Marte made of him, at the Troelstra monument in The Hague that he is responsible for. It is an informal beginning of a documentary that draws attention to a sculptor who is practically unknown today.
Esser (1914-2004) had a special talent for observing. He educated several generations of Dutch sculptors, like Jan Wolkers, and his sculptures are located on squares and in museums across the country. He was also very significant to the Dutch numismatic art.
Experts and former students illuminate some of his works. The documentary also shows what happens when someone remains convinced of his personal vision and refuses to follow the modern trend, as Esser did in 1968, when he was a professor at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam.







Cinematographer - DoP


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