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De Viagraman

Short documentary, 2009, 52 min.

In 1998, pharmaceutics giant Pfizer put a pill on the market that solved the age-old frustration of a large group of men in one fell swoop: Viagra. In no time, the pill had acquired a brand recognition equal to Coca-Cola's. Director and reporter Michael Schaap wants to show what happened with Viagra in that decade. And especially what happened to modern man. Because the days have long gone when only older men took this drug. At a Dutch beach party, quite a few young men express their wish to liven up their one-night stands with endless erections. And this is not all that changed. If the first TV commercial featured the solemn presidential candidate Bob Dole, saying he suffered from the then still unknown affliction erectile dysfunction, nowadays commercials appear that gleefully propagate the marital bliss of the eight-hour erection. And all this for only fifty euros for four pills.





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Cinematographer - DoP


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