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Fryslân Wetterlân

Short documentary, 2006, 10 min.

In this documentary in four episodes, commissioned for the Friesland Vaart manifestation, the thread is the relationship of the Frisians and their waters.
Elke dei wer (Leo Wentink) deals with a man who swam himself back into shape after he had shattered his leg when falling from scaffolding. Since then, he rides to a small pier in the IJsselmeer every day with his dogs and makes his strokes.
Fan fier en fierder (Anneloor van Heemstra) introduces the Galama twins. With a fen pole, they leap across the widest ditches, following in their ancestors' footsteps. They feel deeply connected with the ditches and meadows of their native land.
Yn syn hânnen (Murk-Jaep van der Schaaf) zooms in on the eel catcher Ale de Jager, who from childhood dreamt of becoming a fisherman, but it took some perseverance to finally make a living with this ancient and gradually vanishing profession.
Stjoerlju (Remco Wagenaar) gives an impression of the traffic in the lock at Stavoren, where the boats are temporarily slowed down.




Cinematographer - DoP (6)


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