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Lang Televisie Drama, 2003, 30 min.

After the successful theatre performances Pi, Po, Pu, Pa & Pé and Ex by theatre company Carver, Beppie Melissen, Frank Houtappels and director Pieter Kramer adapted these productions for a TV series in four episodes. With the vintage Carver style, a light-hearted yet realistic approach to man's shortcomings, this black comedy deals with a family of five mice living in the same block of flats as a married couple with two pests for children. The spouses Vera and Ted are having serious marital problems, so Ted satisfies his needs a couple of doors down the hall, with the single woman Tilly. When Tilly gets a new boyfriend, the neurotic mouse Pi, Ted feels rejected and starts using mousetraps. The mice, mouse people with incisors and huge tails, do not intend to be exterminated and courageously fight back. Almost all roles are played double by the resident Carver actors. At the festival, episodes . and . are screened.






Line producer


Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (6)

Location sound recordist