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Sta me bij

Short documentary, 2010, 53 min.

The staff members of the Social Services in Zutphen administer almost one thousand clients. Which approach is most effective and what will eventually tilts the scales, the importance of general rules or the need for individual, tailor-made methods?
Filmmakers Suzanne Raes and Monique Lesterhuis followed how the extremely committed consultant Bruno and the strict and impersonal Debbie deal with some of their clients. Such as Thomas, who hasn?t had an income for years. Bruno tries to develop a personal bond with him. Sjoerd is working full-time as a volunteer. Debbie does not condone this. He will have to find a paid job soon or she will stop his benefit. Do Thomas and Sjoerd deserve sympathy for their situation, or is it unacceptable they do not work?
Sta me bij is part of Ondertussen in Nederland, a documentary series that tells stories about what is at stake in the Netherlands beyond the topics of the day.





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