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Voetnoten bij een oeuvre

Short documentary, 1994, 42 min.

Film essay about the work of 'reconstruction filmmaker' Herman van der Horst (1911-1976), made as part of a retrospective dedicated to Van der Horst at the Netherlands Film Festival 1994. While Van der Horst was seen both nationally as internationally as one of Holland's best ever documentary-makers, his work was forgotten in the sixties after the rise of a new generation of filmmakers. Voetnoten bij een oeuvre shows fragments from all twenty films by Van der Horst. The fragments, however short, are clarified by spoken and/or 'silent' witnesses. In this way, the film provides a picture of an era that surrounded Van der Horst like every other Dutchman, but from which he became increasingly isolated in his private life and in his films.





Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

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