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Lieve Aisja

Series, 1996, 48 min.

Topical TV film from the six-part series Crossing Borders about a fourteen-year-old girl who feels trapped between two cultures. Aisja, a Moroccan girl born in Holland, moves to Morrocco after her father dies. Having grown up in modern Rotterdam, she has trouble getting used to the strict rules that apply in her uncle's home. He increasingly imposes rules on her. She is barely allowed out of the house, has to wear a veil and is in danger of being married off. Aisja's brother, who cannot bear to see his sister's freedom restricted, manages to convince her that she will only get more unhappy if she stays in Morocco. So she goes home to Holland, where she will always miss her family in Morocco.





Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (5)

Sound editor

Location sound recordist

Production sound mixer 

TV - broadcast production company

Post-production sound