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Maybe Sweden

Feature film, 2006, 80 min.

Director Margien Rogaar developed the script of Maybe Sweden in collaboration with theatre collective Wunderbaum, that also plays the five leading roles. Elements of their performance Welcome in my Backyard, about a group of idealists receiving political refugees in their backyard who have exhausted all legal procedures, are incorporated in this feature film about five book worms on a reading holiday in a beautiful country house somewhere in South Europe. By the pool, in the hammock and even round the campfire they are buried in their books. Or they discuss literature. This changes when they come across a sleeping Ghanaian in the garden. The rather mousy Mira takes care of his ill mother and, soon, of other stranded boat people. The haven of peace changes into an aid station, not to everyone's pleasure. Harmless collisions - does the Ghanaian have to read Michel Houellebecq to gain a better understanding of Europe? - get out of hand more and more, until the idyll crumbles.





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