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Feature film, 2007, 96 min.

As early as 2001, director Terstall shot the first footage for this no-budget relay film, in which a host of characters and plot lines pass on the baton. Sextet was shot in parts over a number of years. The result is presented in a frame structure, in which a Flemish professor (Gene Bervoets) shows the film to his students - who he urges to pay attention to the 'unorthodox narrative style'. The teacher regularly interrupts the film to criticise plot changes, style choices and the 'non-functional nude scenes'. Meanwhile, we see - in colour and black-and-white, in animated pieces, peppered with politically incorrect humour - a long series of actors and actresses struggling with sex and relationships. Among them, Tara Elders tries not to be picked up; Eric van Sauers presents a cantankerous monologue on metrosexuals; Katja Schuurman and Dieuwertje Blok feature as lesbian bedfellows; Jan Mulder as an elderly writer with a young fan; Tygo Gernandt as a medieval man in a short historic episode; a dog called Ober and many others.






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