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Lieve mensen

Series, 2003, 9 min.

After the well-to-do family in Oud geld, scriptwriter Maria Goos turned to the opposite milieu. For thirteen short episodes, the series Lieve mensen (Sweet People), written and directed by Goos, follows the ups and downs of Peter Blok and Loes Luca as Dré and Ietje. For years, the married couple has lived as outcasts under a bridge or on a houseboat; Dré as an alcoholic, Ietje addicted to drugs. When their barge is expropriated and Dré and Ietje seem to have their addictions under control, they are offered an apartment through a rehabilitation programme. Dré - dirty hair, glass eye - and Ietje - leggings with high-heeled boots - find it very hard to get used to their new and orderly life. While trying to organize their life, they are distracted by ghosts from the past: old acquaintances, Ietje's 20-year-old daughter and worse, the craving for the bottle.





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