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Het grootste van het grootste - Abraham Tuschinski

Documentary, 2001, 75 min.

The biggest of the biggest, that is what Abraham Tuschinski wanted. Not necessarily for himself, but for his audience. Coming from Poland, where he was born in 1886, he ended up in Rotterdam. He opened a cinema there, the first in the city with a stylish allure. More followed, built in the gaudy, eclectic 'Tuschinski style', with the Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam as the finest jewel in the Dutch film king's crown. Director Ger Poppelaars puts the life story of the perfectionist showman Tuschinski in the context of his time. He reconstructs the successful all-in-one shows in the cinema, complete with acts and an orchestra, everything taken care of to the last detail. Using archival footage and interviews with people involved, he also depicts the eventful personal life of Abraham Tuschinski, who in the bombing of Rotterdam lost four theatres and died in Auschwitz in 1942.






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