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Wheels of Fortune

Documentary, 2001, 70 min.

Filmmaker Wilko Bello is a passionate skater himself. Camera in hand, he skates right across Amsterdam - chasing two of the most well-known and fastest inline skaters of the capital. The first, Erik Tange, is known as an organiser of the Friday Night Skate; the other, Marco Gerris, has made a name for himself with his dance and motion group on skates Ish. Speedy Erik and Stylish Marco are not only stylistically each other's opposites. In daily life, they also differ fundamentally. Wheels of Fortune not only offers a glimpse of the world of skating, it is also a portrait of the two friends. The pauses in the film are the conversations about life the two boys have on a bench in the Vondel Park, where they met five years ago while skating. Director Bello was not forced to strap on his skates for every scene. Awarded the City of Utrecht Award in 2002.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

other prizes

  • NL - NFF City Utrecht Award





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