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Weg van Jou

Feature film, 2017, 98 min.

RELEASE DATES 12 OKTOBER 2017 (NETHERLANDS). The ambitious 30-year-old Evi (Katja Herbers) is ready for the promotion of her life: a job in Rio de Janeiro! Her friend (Lykele Muus) has already packed the suitcases, when her boss (Carly Wijs) has very different plans with her. Evi will be responsible for a large project in Terneuzen. TRUE? Right, Terneuzen. Refusing is not an option, her career depends on the success in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. She leaves her comfortable city life, her boyfriend and two best friends (Imanuelle Grives, Elise Schaap) behind in Rotterdam and starts to stand up and down to her new life. She meets with a lot of resistance from the local population and it seems as if everything is wrong. But when she meets the tough skipper Stijn (Maarten Heijmans), she discovers that this corner is more than just vast farmlands. Would Evi be able to ground in the Zeeland clay or would she return to Rotterdam as soon as possible?

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)

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