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Gewoon liefde

Short documentary, 2006, 48 min.

'You I hold very dear, but I love Marcel', Marijke Geiger-Prause said to the Austrian she married instead of her great love. After her second choice's demise, she decides to renew the contact with Marcel. So far, Gewoon liefde seems like the next episode from your average reality love show. But although in forty years the love between the two has remained unchanged, that does not apply to Marcel's physique: he goes through life as Marcella now. Touchingly, this drastic change does not stand in the way of a new and passionate relationship. The registration of the events, both in Austria where Marijke lives and in Marcella's residence in Zeeland, is interlarded with interviews with the protagonists and their loved ones, and with extracts from the documentary Anders Bekeken from 1993, which focussed on Marcel's transformation and its consequences for his family.



Cinematographer - DoP


Sound designer