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Feature film, 2010, 94 min.

Bardsongs consists of three stories, all based on folk songs from India and Mali. The stories are simultaneously performed by local music groups and told in images that were shot on location. The first story is set in Jodphur, India, where a father and son make a living collecting and selling plastic waste. The disappearance of their camel turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Folk tale number two deals with the young Malian Bouba, who goes to the city to find an answer to a cryptic question by his Koran teacher. He meets different people who give him various answers. And the third song tells of a father and daughter in India who set out to sell a calf and see the light along the way. The simple tales, each carrying a clear message, are sung and played in mesmerising sounds, and captured in delightful images of the magnificent nature and colourful communities in India and Africa.

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