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Mooie wereld

Short documentary, 2004, 45 min.

Not all vagrant or homeless people are poor wretches who have lost their way. In Mooie Wereld, a number of shelterless people are followed who are optimistic and cheerful, who cherish every new day, who kindle cosy fires and keep each other company. They find deserted places to live, remember their past, read books and have crockery, cigarettes, love and music. 'On the street' is defiantly printed on the cap of one of them. The drifters were filmed for one year in all four seasons, often in close-up. The documentary does not want to investigate how 'these people ended up here', but asks and looks for their perception of the world. With their colourful use of attributes and garb, the tramps are also a striking addition to our street scene, as the camera pertinently registers.





Cinematographer - DoP


Sound mixer

Location sound recordist

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