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Een beurs plein

Documentary, 2012, 66 min.

Imitating Occupy Wall Street, the Beursplein in Amsterdam was occupied on 15 October 2011. People flocked from all over the country, protesting against the growing social-economic inequality and the increasing power of the banks and multinationals. From day 1, the filmmaker registered the rise and fall of the miniature society that developed in the square and held out for seven weeks. Who are the people that pitched their tents, who set themselves up as coordinators? Do they manage to take their ideals and create a new structure or does the square become more and more a reflection of the 'real world'? Are they thwarted by developments from outside or from within? Militancy, perseverance, disillusion, anger, lenience and personal gain rapidly succeed each in this encampment full of birds of different feathers.





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