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Club Zeus

Feature film, 2011, 75 min.

In dynamic Shanghai, Leonardo and his shining example Sly earn a living as 'host boys', a kind of emo-gigolos whose wage depends on the patrons' champagne consumption. In the club, they play on women's feelings by assuming custom-made personalities: from brat to rogue or romantic soul. One strict rule prescribes that the amorous transactions are limited to the club's interior. Still, Leonardo takes one of his regular clients - a host girl herself - home. Is, apart from love, intimacy or even a family tie for sale? And what exactly is the difference between a real and a simulated relationship? Director David Verbeek shot his film in the ten days he was waiting for funding for his film R U There, which was later selected for Cannes; however, the completion took another two and a half years. Club Zeus, too, is imbued with a postmodern spirit and, although style-wise indebted to the Asian masters Verbeek admires, shot in a much more casual style.

won prizes

  • NL - Rotterdam International Film Festival IFFR Tiger Award

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