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Feature film, 2011, 85 min.

Ibrahim and Illias, a.k.a. Bram and Haas, are reputed to be the fastest pizza deliverers in town. The close-knit cousins turn it into a daily contest. Because Bram?s father is home sick, Haas' father, uncle Faris, steps in. The restaurant goes like a bomb, but then some money disappears. Did uncle Faris pocket the cash? When the conflict between the two brothers escalates, uncle Faris and Haas decide to open their own pizza parlour - across the street. A pizza war is dawning. The friendship between both the old and young generations cools and they go to ever greater lengths to ruin their rival.
Oliehoek, who with previous productions likeVet hard! and Spion van Oranje proved to have an affinity with the action genre, again chooses rapid-fire dialogue and high-speed scooter scenes in Pizzamaffia. Pizzamaffia is a contemporary teen drama full of action and humour, based on Khalid Boudou's youth novel. Boudou also wrote Het schnitzelparadijs

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