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Liesbeth List - Heb me lief

Short documentary, 2006, 53 min.

With her make-up on, she can do anything, Liesbeth List a.k.a. Elly Driessen explains before the camera. In this documentary, we also see one of Holland's rare divas without her perfect mask. The singer/chansonnière tells about her loveless childhood, when her mother committed suicide and her father - on her new stepmother's instigation - ceded her to an eventually warm foster home. Liesbeth List tells all this outwardly unmoved, but later in the film, when she meets her half-sister in New Zealand who did grow up with her father, it is clear how deep the wounds are. The portraits of List as a perfect professional and loving mother are sketched through images of the preparations of List's theatre show Dichter bij Liesbeth, and of the studio recordings of a cd with a Dutch pop group. This includes a touching scene with her artistic consort Ramses Shaffy - whom she has always remained in love with - who despite his weak health, records a song in one perfect take.




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