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Mannenbroeders van Kootjebroek

Short documentary, 2011, 58 min.

Around 2001, the Netherlands were startled by the contagious foot-and-mouth disease (FMD). On every farm where FMD was found, the government ordered the elimination of cattle. When a calf in Kootwijkerbroek (rural district of Barneveld) was diagnosed with FMD, Minister Brinkhorst had all animals killed. Questioning the diagnosis, the mostly Christian farmers revolted. Ten years later, victims and activists still believe there has never been an FMD epidemic in the area. Lassche follows four protagonists who still feel the pain. Cattle farmer Henk van den Brink: ?It was a grave injustice that they removed those cows without being asked. The whole campaign was executed with brute force, as if we were big-time crooks.? Lau Jansen (Foundation for the Investigation into the FMD Crisis) shares this view: ?An incredible impertinence against Creation!? Their emotional accounts are illustrated by archive footage of the revolts and removals.





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