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My Life on Planet B

Feature film, 2012, 76 min.

Neky and Eppo are best friends. The teenagers like to spend their time watching B-movies and share their opinions on the video blog Eppo's and Neky?s Cultcorner. But the life of an adolescent isn?t a bed of roses. Neky?s depressed mother lies on the couch all day, his sister is always on his back and his father has a new Thai girlfriend. His stout friend Eppo acts like a magnet on all the pests at school. Neky's life changes drastically when he receives a mysterious message in a bottle and gothic punkers arrive in his neighbourhood. Neky suddenly paints his hair black and ventures a first step inside the cool punks? home. Meanwhile, Eppo develops an obsessive fascination with a new B-film, but Neky can?t find the time nor the mood to share his old friend?s enthusiasm.

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