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Met extra liefde

Short documentary, 2011, 48 min.

?If you add it all up, we?ve been on the road nonstop for over six years. The Rolling Stones could learn something from us?, Sieuwert Verster says, manager of the immensely popular Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century. Conductor Frans Brüggen is the founder and musical soul of the company, which focuses on the performance of old music as the composers once intended it, always played on old instruments. The film clarifies the mysterious ways in which Brüggen always manages to achieve the sound that earned the orchestra world fame. ?Sometimes, he does something odd with his fingers and we know exactly what he means?, cellist Richte van der Meer explains. Conversations with the orchestra members reveal that the famous warm sound of the orchestra is a reflection of the human warmth and loyalty within the orchestra.



Cinematographer - DoP


Sound editor

Location sound recordist