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Bokma speelt

Short documentary, 2004, 53 min.

Actor Pierre Bokma is considered an enigma. Few people know something about his past, many people find him elusive or unfathomable. But everyone agrees that Bokma is a great actor and a skilled professional. Filmmakers Jasmina Fekovic and Eddie van der Velden looked for the man behind the actor. For the sake of the documentary, Bokma returns to the children's home in Amsterdam for the first time where he lived until he was four. He takes the filmmakers to the now deserted house of his foster parents in Limburg and to the nunnery that housed his kindergarten. With his friends and former classmates of the Maastricht Drama School, Bokma reminisces and sings a cappella one more time, like they used to do. Bokma entirely accepted the presence of the camera - even when he was fined for urinating in public in the middle of the night.




Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


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