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Short documentary, 2006, 40 min.

Dania is sixteen and lives in a flat in the Bijlmer. She is one of the youngsters from this Amsterdam district who have been selected to participate in the special dance project Zwanenmeer Bijlmermeer, a shadow version Swan Lake, performed by Bijlmer children and four members of the National Ballet. The documentary follows Dania, who dreams of becoming famous and of a way to escape the 'prison' she lives in: the flat in which she is responsible for her younger brother when her heavily pregnant mother is away. Dijkstra registers the rehearsals of the National Ballet, where the children after some initial embarrassment and the inevitable giggling start working seriously and the amateur and professional dancers exchange experiences and dance steps. Gradually, the performance takes shape and the insecure Dania gains confidence in the future.




Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

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