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De blauwe roos

Series, 2001, 25 min.

Episode from the NPS series Novellen, a sequence of TV films for which young directors and scriptwriters set up a co-operation. In De blauwe roos, the voice-over of the imaginative Hans tells how his life changed permanently as the result of a holiday job as a mailman. During his responsible task, delivering a registered letter to the well-to-do Nathalie de Laat, the boy is smitten with her on the spot. He pursues the girl and spies on her villa. But being a shy guy, Hans is unable to communicate with the girl in a normal way. This situation changes when he sends her a daily anonymous love letter in the form of a fairy tale. Nathalie's interest is aroused, but how should Hans reveal himself as the sender?





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Cinematographer - DoP


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