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Madame Jeanette

Single play, 2004, 90 min.

Cheerful salsa film about food and music, about friendship and about the fact that happiness often lies in very small things. Madame Jeanette is set in the Bijlmer, in the southeast of Amsterdam. Main character is Hindu Bibi. She is married to Creole Ted. She loves him very dearly; his charming impetuosity, the music of his salsa band and his naughty resourcefulness. Ted adores her as his wife and the mother of his children and he is faithful to her. Bibi depends completely on Ted, the breadwinner and protector of her family. Until Ted lands in prison after a stupid mistake and Bibi is forced to support the family by herself. She turns to Madame Jeanette, a sage old lady, who reads the cards of Bibi's future. Following her cryptic instructions, Bibi starts a small Surinam catering company that she calls 'Madame Jeanette'. The company makes her independent and successful. But when Ted is released from prison, he brings back his charm and also a bunch of problems, which put their love to the test.






Cinematographer - DoP


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Cast (6)

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