take this production

Sunday September 22

Documentary, 2003, 78 min.

For 1200 Euros, you can buy yourself a crossing to Italy from a frontier runner in northern Tunisia. In groups of eighty people, you are taken across and put overboard a little off the coast. You have to swim the final 350 meters - if you still can. In the weekend of 22 September 2002, the sea was too rough for fourteen Tunisians. They washed ashore on a Sicilian beach. An Italian photographer captured this tragedy. The photo on which one of the victims is vainly resuscitated was in newspapers all over the world. Director Roel van Broekhoven looks for the story behind this picture. Who was this boy, why did he try to get across? Van Broekhoven not only falls into the world of illegal aliens, but also meets with the harsh Tunisian society. Gradually, a harrowing image arises of the reasons why Tunisian youngsters want to go to Europe so badly. They are driven by boredom, rather than poverty.





Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist