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Feature film, 2006, 91 min.

When after a settlement the young Michel is the sole survivor, hired gun Giuseppe takes him under his wing. He follows in his master's footsteps, but at some point tries to leave the criminal scene. Giuseppe manages to find him, bringing an assignment that takes Michel (Murilo Benicio) to Amsterdam and to Paula (film debut of Anne Charier), a French escort girl who is also coveted by English drug baron Rudi Dancer (Tom Conti). When Michel and Paula try to escape the lives they are caught in, they have to pay a high price. Paid refers to traditional gangster movies and is at the same time a thriller and a love story. Not just between the two lovers, but also between master and pupil. The film, with supporting roles for Helmert Woudenberg and Tygo Gernandt, was completely financed with private money and is the directing and screenwriting debut of Laurence Lamers.





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