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Guerrilla Grannies

Documentary, 2012, 80 min.

Three women in Mozambique look back at their lives as freedom fighters, as champions of a modern society without polygamy and with education (also for women) and as grandmothers who watch their (grand)children grow up in a globalised society. In the early 1970s, filmmaker Ike Bertels watches a documentary on the Mozambican struggle for independence. The images of the three young women joining the Frelimo liberation army stick in her memory. After the Independence in 1975, she decides to sort out who they are and becomes friends with Amelia, Maria and Monica. She films them in 1984 and 1994. Now, Bertels returns to Africa with her camera. Using footage from then and now, she shows not only the lives of three admirable women, but also the super-fast developments in an African nation in 2011.

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