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Mijn vader is een detective! Het geheimzinnige Forteiland - My Dad's a Detective! - The Mysterious Fortress Island

Feature film, 2009, 85 min.

Adventure film about the strong-willed teenager Sam who helps his bungling father Max, who is a detective looking for a stolen, extremely rare parrot. The trace leads to a fortress island, where a pack of thieves sell protected species in the dungeons. Detective Max is soon discovered and locked away in a cell. Sam, his intrepid neighbour girl Sterre and the pampered esquire Ortwin, the owner of the parrot, tirelessly look for a way to free the father and the bird. During a long day and night on the island, they endure hunger, thunderstorms, fear and the ogre guarding the fortress. But although the children are resourceful and often smarter than detective Max, they are also receptive to crushes and quarrels, which further complicates the liberation of Max, the parrot and other protected species. When during the end credits a cool rap resounds, with the cooperation of Lange Frans, everything has landed on its feet.

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