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Lover of Loser

Feature film, 2009, 100 min.

Luck is against fifteen-year-old Eva. She has a strong aversion to her new stepfather. She is afraid he wants to abuse her, but her mother does not believe her. As an extra, she designs T-shirts that she prints on Saturdays in the print shop. She is infatuated with Mees, the cute guy that works there. He likes her a lot, too. But a misunderstanding makes her think he already has a girlfriend.Eva would like to talk to someone. But her best friend has a new boyfriend who absorbs her completely. When during a concert the handsome Ricardo pays attention to her, she is soon utterly lost. He wins her over with nice clothes and even wants to introduce her to a well-known Parisian fashion designer. But how sincere are his motives? Mees has his doubts, too. Besides adolescent vicissitudes, Lover of Loser shows the hard reality. This is the fourth adaptation of a novel by the successful children's book writer Carry Slee, following Afblijven, Timboektoe and Radeloos.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)

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