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Documentary, 2008, 63 min.

IN 1977, the Japanese Megumi Yokota was kidnapped on her way home from school. The then thirteen-year-old girl was taken to North Korea. She was allegedly forced to teach Japanese to spies there. Filmmaker Mirjam van Veelen looked for the story behind Megumi. It is told by her parents, whose composed smile visibly betrays a deeply felt pain. Megumi's brothers and the former principal also talk about the events and about Megumi. The North Korean authorities meanwhile put out a statement that she committed suicide in 1994, but none of the people involved accepts this story. They collect evidence of her existence in North Korea and keep pressurising the Japanese government. The filmmaker's search itself is also included, in the form of an actress paying a visit to Niigata, the Yokotas' hometown.

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