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Bodkin Ras

Feature film, 2016, 79 min.

The young fugitive criminal Bodkin Ras is looking to make a fresh start. He finds it in Forres, Scotland. A stranger immediately stands out in this small town, but Bodkin wants to keep a low profile. At first he is an outsider, but the inhabitants slowly seem to accept and even embrace him. Unfortunately, he cannot just shake off his past. Leading man Bayat is the only actor in this mixture of fiction and documentary. The others play themselves. Their personal stories were incorporated in the movie.

won prizes

  • NL - Rotterdam International Film Festival IFFR selection
  • PL - Kraków Film Festival Jury Award

other prizes

  • EU - Fipresci Prize
  • US - Mammoth Lakes Film Festival Jury Award
  • NL - Rotterdam International Film Festival IFFR Fipresci Award
  • AT - Vienna International Film Festival - Viennale - Fipresci Award
  • PL - Krakow Off Plus Camera / PKO Off Camera Youth Jury Award

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