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Najib & Julia

Lang Televisie Drama, 2003, 25 min.

TV drama in thirteen episodes is a modern adaptation of the classic love tragedy Romeo & Juliet. The series was entirely shot on video and is set in the multiracial city of The Hague. Pizza delivery boy Najib is a liberated boy from a traditional Moroccan family. His brother Nasr is in jail for drug trafficking and is disowned by his father. Najib is the only person his brother still sees. Julia comes from a moneyed Hague milieu. She is a hockey talent training with the Dutch national junior team. Her father is a detective, just like their family friend Joost, who is also the father of Julia's coach and admirer. When the girl breaks her ankle in Najib's presence, the two adolescents immediately take to each other. But their love meets with opposition. Not only from within their families, but also from Joost, who appears to know Najib's brother and wants to do everything he can to drive a wedge between the couple. Besides being a love story and a thrilling tale, the series offers a fine portrayal of the clashes between two milieus and two cultures.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf






Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (9)

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