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De Nieuwe Wereld

Single play, 2013, 83 min.

Mirte works as a cleaning woman in the registration centre for asylum seekers at the airport. She is a stubborn woman who frenetically tries to suppress her past. She unwittingly keeps her little son at a distance too. She is indifferent towards the refugees? suffering; indeed, she takes advantage of it. But then she meets the charismatic West African Luc. Through him, Mirte slowly gets a grip on life again. The film provides an apt view of what takes place in an impersonal no man?s land.

won prizes

  • US - Emmy Award
  • NL - Rotterdam International Film Festival IFFR selection

other prizes

  • US - Washington DC Filmfest
  • SP - Ourense Independent Film Festival (2)
  • DE - Mannheim-Heidelberg International Filmfestival
  • EU - Prix Europa
  • CN - Sichuang International Television Festival
  • NL - Dioraphte Award





Line producer


Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (11)

Sound designer

Sound mixer

Sound editor

Location scout

Foley artist 

Foley editor 

Location sound recordist

Sound re-recording mixer 

Production company