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Black Out

Feature film, 2012, 87 min.

Jos Vreeswijk has severed his ties with the underworld ten years ago when on the day before his wedding he wakes up with a splitting headache, a gun in his hand and a corpse by his side. What is more, the criminal world suspects him of having stolen 44 pounds of cocaine. Jos gets 24 hours to wriggle out of this hole and retrieve the drugs booty. Will he manage to meet the ultimatum before saying ?I will? to his unsuspecting bride? His amnesia surely doesn?t help, nor do the equally colourful and cracked scoundrels that cross his path and complicate matters. It even turns out his respectable father-in-law isn?t completely innocent. Like a Guy Ritchie of the Low Countries, director Arne Toonen dishes up a high-speed crime comedy.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)

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